Speaking of eBay: A problem with Tory Burch

Last week I created an auction for a pair of Tory Burch shoes.  I’m getting older and I have to be careful because dementia runs deep in the women of my family.  I too have my good and bad days.  I hate to admit it but it is a slow creep and life is changing for me.  For that reason I am rather meticulous when it comes to details. I leave notes for myself everywhere.  Post it’s have become my best friend.  I don’t want to miss a beat.

s-l1600  (These really are great, aren’t they?!  Five inches closer to heaven!)

When I start a project, like creating a listing on eBay, my focus is completely on the item I am working with and I try not to allow myself to get sidetracked. I’m horribly afraid of making mistakes because mistakes on eBay don’t usually end well.

With this particular auction I had my desktop shipping scale with me at the keyboard and added the weight of the shoes in the text description as I typed out the measurements of the high heel, the length of the shoe and it’s width.  They are 2 pound shoes so I wanted my potential buyers to know that shipping could get costly depending on their location.

I don’t care how forgetful I may be, I am positive that I didn’t offer “free shipping”.  I started the auction at $29.99 so it would make no sense for me to absorb 10 to 12 dollar shipping costs.  Unfortunately, at some point during the week, due to me fiddling with Buyer Requirements in the account preferences tab to,  “reduce exposure to buyers who might make transactions more difficult or expensive”, it turns out there is a site glitch that does just that… made my transaction more difficult and expensive.

When I clicked, “apply these settings to current listings and future listings”  one of eBays’ wires got crossed and flipped the switch on my shipping calculator.  My 2 pound shoes were now being offered with free shipping unbeknownst to me!  It didn’t become apparent until after the winning bidder paid for the auction.

Great!  My $600 shoes that I just sold for $30 are now costing me $3.10 in eBay fee’s, $10.85 in shipping fee’s and $1.20 in PayPal fee’s – what a bargain!!

While eBay has informed me that they are aware of the glitch I’m told they will need to investigate further and no action of resolution will be offered at this time.

That was not my favorite eBay moment.

I ended up sending the buyer a carefully worded e-mail about the incident and didn’t receive much of a response.   I waited patiently, tip toeing about the place in fear that I’m about to break an egg shell full of an explosive tirade of red donuts on my feedback profile.

After a nerve racking wait I finally summon the courage to log into my PayPal account and click the refund button on the payment the buyer sent 4 days prior.  I followed that up by sending the buyer a transaction cancellation request.. and as of today, a full week later, my buyer has not responded to the cancellation request or to the refund.

In this case certain eBayers may argue that in cases like this no news is good news, which I do agree to an extent.  Unfortunately, in the buyers silent defiance she’s holding my both my product and my income hostage.  Considering that I operate (not even a small business) a home based micro business where every single penny counts, this is devastating.  I may not take a $30 sale so seriously if eBay did not suppress American listings in the search results in favor of Chinese direct to market manufacturers and Corporate entities but yeah.. I’m hurting.  All small Americans who built their foundations on the growth of eBay between 1999 and 2009, this is no joke.

I am really angry at this buyer.  I understand that she feels entitled to my shoes, but to punish me by forcing my product out of circulation for 2 weeks and preventing me from continuing to pay my bills with the sale of my product is just plain selfish and I feel like climbing through my computer screen and letting her know just what a selfish tyrant I think she is.  In all honesty, I suspect this buyer also has a selling account and knows exactly what she’s doing.  It is an absolute disgrace how eBay sellers treat one another.  Seller on seller harassment and mistreatment has run rampant on eBay for as long as I can remember.   The brevity of anonymous cowardry.


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