What’s your experience with Catawiki?

Funny the author of this article should mention he was searching for an alternative to ebay. That’s exactly what I was doing and that’s exactly how I found his article. I personally believe there’s a potential for scams everywhere. I also believe that when you do find a great shopping venue or individual seller and you have a history of good transactions, it’s a smart practice to bookmark the index page.  The small businesses depend on it.

Have you ever used catawiki.com as a buyer or seller? What’s your experience? Is it a scam? Is it safe? What other venues have you tried?

My experience with catawiki.com

I like the idea of selling internationally and will continue to search for opportunities. For now though this is my primary home:  Click the pic below to find me.


I really wish more buyers would leave feedback. According to my eBay seller dashboard I’ve had 480 successful transactions. I’ll bet I would be much more successful as a fashion / clothing seller if my eBay auction buyers participated more with the feedback system. I’m thankful for the opportunity regardless.


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