Lagenlook Styles For Smaller Women

I am 5′ 1″ tall and wear size 6 petite clothing, which is why I will be wearing this Oscar de la Renta sweater dress exactly the way it’s pictured if I don’t end up selling on ebay.  Yes,  it’s a button front dress but throw on a pair of jeans, loose fitting leggings, or a beige ankle length pencil skirt and it’s a maxi cardigan sweater coat!  It doesn’t hurt that it’s the same color as my favorite food, chocolate brown!

I love this dress because I love long cardigan sweaters.  It’s  comfortable and casual yet still offers a sophisticated, clean appearance.  Perfect for dressing down under or dressing up over.  A nice scarf or some clunky jewelry can change the look completely.   The cut makes it versatile enough so why not?   For petite women the Lagenlook can be something of a challenge because it’s easy to look like we’re drowning in our clothes.  I don’t see this as being a challenge with this particular sweater dress.  It’s a size medium – that’s my size!


Click the picture if you’d like to see more photo’s in my eBay listing.  Included are photo’s of what this lovely garment will look like when worn as intended, as a dress.


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