Oscar de la Renta: Ready to wear

It seems today, the Oscar de la Renta brand is more synonymous with evening and bridal wear. It’s a deviation from his reputation which was established by his ready to wear creations.  At my age I don’t see as much of the deviation because as an older woman I have a tendency to gravitate towards the more classic pieces.   It makes me wonder,  did I miss the mark with this Oscar de la Renta boucle blend sweater? Have women have fallen out of love with his ready to wear designs or do they younger fashionistas know that he was once better known for his more practical clothing designs?   Maybe a little bit of both?


I listed, what I think is an amazing sweater on eBay two weeks ago. I wish I was capable of delivering a more tangible view of the sweaters textures. It’s really very beautiful.  When I look at it in person (as opposed to the photos), I think of a more glamorous time when people were less casual and more preppie.  I think of a high brow ski trip and a warm fire place.  If you remember life and style of the 1980’s then you probably understand my question.   To me, this sweater is a classic and it can out live the passing trends of every decade but as with most classic clothing pieces, there was always an era when it was a trend itself.  That’s what’s so good about preppie fashion though!  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars every season updating your wardrobe.  You only buy accessories or minimal separate pieces and no one will believe this is a vintage sweater.   A pair of classic brown wool pants would be perfect.  That’s what I was thinking when I posted them to eBay (you can find this sweater by clicking the photo).

I took pictures of this sweater with and without a belt.  It’s probably the “80’s lady” in me, with my memories of iconic daily wear of glitz and glam.  Did I miss the mark on this one?

I’m asking because I’ve had it listed on ebay for two weeks.  For the price I’m surprised it hasn’t sold by now.


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