I learned about fashion in a most unconventional way. Part II

I have this eccentric friend who, every time he calls me, he starts his conversations with an unusual story.  He’s the kind of guy who can walk into any thrift store and pick out the most amazing piece of garbage and turn it into the absolute treasure that started the cliché.   You and I might pass by a dirty old book, we see it, we think to ourselves, “gross” and we keep walking.  Alan on the other hand, he’ll pick up the book, open the cover, listen to the creak of the binding and start flipping through the pages.  I’ve been standing next to him when he does it.  It’s very entertaining.

With a, “humph” he’ll look up from the book after examining it and say, “this is a first print Huckleberry Fin and if I’m correct, I think this might be Mark Twain’s signature”.  It’s just incredible the knack he has for discovering remarkable treasures.

It was about the time when I was ending my career as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  I didn’t realize at the time that my career would soon come to an end but I did know there was news circulating around the medical community that there will be a shift in nursing in the very near future.  Word had it that hospitals already had stopped hiring LPN’s in favor of registered nurses with bachelors degree’s, and soon after the phasing out of LPN’s, the two-year RN would soon follow.

I knew it was time for me to start planning for the future and had not a clue what I would be doing next.  Aware of my predicament, my eccentric friend Alan invited me to visit with him for the weekend so he could take me on a tour of the local thrift shoppe’s and show me the ropes.  The truth is, no one can party in a thrift store like Alan can.  He was the perfect tour guide.  he said he thought of me because a friend of a friend made a sizable income reselling children’s clothing on the internet.  It sounded like a good idea. That was back in 2000.   I have been an eBay seller going on 17 years.

The children’s clothing stint lasted less than a month.  I didn’t do as well as his friend of a friend did.  I knew I would like to continue selling on eBay.  I just didn’t know what I would sell.

If you’d like to continue learn more of my Ebay story, click the “like” or “subscribe” button and take this journey with me..  in the meantime..

Here is my fashion selling account


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