Valentino Embellished Tweed Skirt Suit

When I first saw the tweed jacket from across the room I thought for sure it must be a {Thierry} Mugler creation because of it’s wasp like waist.  It’s a vintage Valentino Boutique tweed skirt suit!  It’s hard to believe it’s vintage considering how current the style is and the pristine condition it’s in.  Somebody loved this skirt suit and took immaculate care of it.  If it weren’t for the label I’d never have known.  I don’t know which era it’s from.  The label would indicate that it’s from the 1980s but the jacket doesn’t have huge shoulder pads that is common with 1980’s fashion. Maybe 1990’s?

The beautiful hourglass cut is extremely flattering to the female figure.  It’s embellished with black velvet trim.  The buttons are velvet caged in metallic.   The pencil skirt is a classic and can be worn with or without the jacket.  The darting at to hips is reminiscent of the skirts Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wore in the 1950’s and 60’s.  It was and still is a desirable skirt and has out lived every trend, style and decade.  It’s a staple that should exist in every woman’s closet.


The thing I find most challenging as an eBay seller… well there’s a couple of things! One is that I always fall in love and want to keep everything for my own personal wear but more practically speaking, one of my biggest challenges is taking photos that accurately reflect the colors, textures and prints exactly as they are.  I wish I could show as clear, details in the full size photos as I am able to capture in the up close photo’s [below].


Although the label says it’s a size 10, typical of vintage clothes, it runs much smaller.  The skirt has a waist of 26″ and the jacket has a waist of 30″ which would make it closer to a size US 6 to 8.  I love this detail love because if it doesn’t sell on eBay, I am a size 6 and can wear it!

click the photo’s for more information on this skirt suit and to view my eBay listing.


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