Valentino Embroidered Trench Coat

I was actually going to write about my Valentino Boutique Tweed skirt suit today but I had to drop everything because of this fun development in my quest to earn my keep as a reseller of fine designer clothing on eBay.

Quick back story.  I bought this DKNY beige embroidered trench coat (in the rough photos below) some time ago.   It’s been sitting in my closet, folded  in my eBay storage bin where I left it because it was wrinkled at the time of my purchase and intended to take it to the dry cleaners.  Normally I steam my own clothing but my fear was that if I used my home steamer I’d leave water stains.  The fabric content is silk and linen, I believe.  Anyway, long story short, while I was researching my vintage 1980’s Valentino Boutique  skirt suit, I came across this amazing Valentino embroidered trench.  It retails for a steep $12900.00.

I’ve since hung the DKNY trench outside in the Florida humidity to air it out before taking it to the dry cleaner.

Of course they’re not an exact match but a strong similarity certainly does exist!  If I were on a budget, which I am, and I wanted to achieve the look within my budget, I would without a doubt, consider the DKNY embroidered trench coat to be a fine alternative.

I will get right on this!!


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