St. John Knits – A Classic

This is actually a vintage St. John Knit dress in black “santana” knit. You can’t tell by looking at it. It’s sort of like a Chanel or Gucci, always in style. This was one of my finds today. Funny how I say that I am more versed in contemporary fashion yet here I am with three highly desirable vintage pieces today. One of my finds was actually a vintage German Schatz 8 day clock. So, my final tally for the day was a Bally top handle bag, a vintage St John and a great clock. It was a fun day!

There were two current St John tops that I passed by.  I’m not sure why but St. John just doesn’t do well alone anymore.  If it doesn’t come with a jacket, a skirt or pants then I won’t bother.  I used to sell them as separates but with the eBay buying population it just doesn’t fly anymore.

Bidding starts at $22.22..  link and info below the photo.


Kirstenraye’s eBay Autions


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