When I say I am a sole survivor it doesn’t mean I’m a soul survivor.

I am the last surviving member of my family chain. When I pass my family name will be nothing less than an insignificant piece of history.  This is not the life I saw for myself when I was a child.

I currently rely on my eBay Poshmark sales as my sole income: KirstenRaye’s Website

It’s unfortunate how many small American businesses, including my own, have been bankrupted by greed.    Imbalanced trade policies designed to benefit only the politicians who pushed them through, and the corporations who paid the politicians to make it all happen, and feuds between eBay and Google have left small American business in ruins.  Middle America is deliberately being eliminated from the single most significant source of revenue, e-commerce.

If you use Google, if you paid for an iPhone, if you buy from eBay, if the products you purchase are stamped with “Made in China”, and if you do business with companies that outsource, then you are the force that drives the continued bankrupting of the worlds middle class.