Poshmark: How to make sales

I’m still new to Poshmark but because I’m so determined to turn this into a business I’ve been traveling around Poshmark at Mach speeds, learning the “to do’s” and “to dont’s”.

I’ve learned very quickly that Share Groups are a waste of time and very rarely will participating in them result in a sale.   A “Share party” is a two word phrase to describe sellers spamming other sellers with listings that they’ve never looked at and have no intention of buying.  It also involves communicating with 1) women 2) who are in competition with you in spite of the “sharing is caring” motto and 3) will stab you in the back for a $5 sale.   Just as there are no friends in business you certainly have no friends on Poshmark either.  Are you on Poshmark to make friends, to expose yourself to unnecessary drama and to be a part of a clique or are you there to sell your closet?  What are your goals?

Some of the larger “share groups” take themselves very seriously.  It’s very easy to get sucked in by the interaction and the belief that you’re a part of something but after you give yourself a moment to step back and view the whole picture for it’s true value, hopefully you will realize what a burdensome waste of time it was.  If this doesn’t persuade you then just wait until you make your first mistake.   If you mistakenly skip someone,  if you are having a bad day, are busy or need to excuse yourself because you are sick, (insert laugh of knowledge with one eyebrow raised here), you’ll find yourself on the outs real quick and they aren’t nice about it.  Everyone in the share group will be instructed to block you.  You’ll feel hurt and have a sense of wonder as to what just happened but the rebound is sweet.  If you’re smart you’ll gladly remove yourself from the faux network and follow all of their followers and move on knowing that you’re really not left out of the loop.  Hint:  All of Poshmark is one big loop.

So — I joined Poshmark in November of 2017 after finally accepting that eBay will never yield the results it once did.  Of course being scammed out of $608.00 is good enough motivation, especially for somebody who already lives in poverty.  I don’t dwell on it, I simply pick my hurt pride up off the floor and start over.  It was a big hit for someone so small but I’ve already earned my losses back 5.5 times over by moving to Poshmark.

I didn’t actually become involved in selling on Poshmark until January 2018 because I didn’t realize the way Poshmark worked.  I thought it was like eBay where you upload a product and abandon it until it sells.   It wasn’t until I clicked to edit one of my listings and was greeted with the message across the top of the page, “Your listing hasn’t been shared in more than 4 days” did I realize how much more involved Poshmark is compared to eBay.  You have to be motivated to be an effective seller on Poshmark and you have to have a lot of time on your hands.

I became a Top Seller in less than four weeks and was qualified to be a Poshmark Ambassador in the same month.  The only thing holding me back at this point is my finances.  Instead of turning my profits into more inventory, I’m paying my bills and am spending whatever is left over on a menial amount of inventory as opposed to sinking it back in the way I should in order to maintain a steady growth rate.  To become an Ambassador you must complete a number of achievements (which I did in three weeks) but what remains outstanding for me is the ability to have 50 available listings.  To be paying living expenses off of your Poshmark sales while trying to grow a business pretty much leaves you with very slim margin.  From what I understand having that Ambassador status is key to generating a reliable enough sales level to flourish.  This is my current challenge and I look forward to squashing it.

I am a Top Seller and am very close to earning the coveted Top 10% ranking.  I have a five star rating and 53 sales with a total profit of $3354.00 – on a site so complicated I’m not ready to pat myself on the back yet because it’s not nearly enough.  Even though I know I will eventually be one of Poshmarks’ highest ranked sellers (at which point my goals will change) I want more, faster and with bigger numbers today, not tomorrow..   I’m capable of doing more, faster and with much larger numbers, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at  the right time for a much needed launch.  Baby steps truly sucks but I won’t let it stop me.   I’d like to double each 3 months.

As for how I got here so fast and how I plan to push forward?  Fuck off.  Any business minded person would be a fool to share their trade secrets.  I will never discuss my strategy with anyone, not even in private because lessons of the past have taught me that there are always eyes and ears trained on people like me and one mistake at it’s birth can send it all tumbling down.

The short of it, if you are Googling for information on how to make sales on Poshmark you will definitely come up with all kinds of answers.  Very few of them are anything more than surface answers, and this blog post is no different.  If you want to make sales you must first know yourself, your audience and who your competitors are.  What you do with that knowledge defines you and your business.



Poshmark: Predatory Buyers

I’m at the point that before I mark my items down, I first create a fresh listing of the item I intend to mark down and then I relist it with the intended clearance price.  Sounds crazy, right?

I don’t know what everybody else’s definition of “Predatory Buyer” is but mine is this; a potential buyer, be it a cutthroat reseller or just a regular bargain hunting shopper who has the patience of a saint and will “like” or bookmark your items so that they will be notified of changes you make to your prices.  It’s not a bad thing to shop the sales, it’s actually very smart.   What makes me frustrated enough to block these shoppers is not their intelligent shopping habits, it’s when they add insult to injury by sending  lowball offers on top of the discount that’s already posted.   I feel like crying every single time it happens.  Imagine a corporate CEO crying when things get tough.  That image is the one of the things that helps me pull myself together.  The fact is, this is business and there’s no crying in baseball business.

It gets me every time, “the bottom scrapers”.  I know it’s counterproductive to #1) call them that and #2) allow it to get under my skin but this I feel a punch in my gut when resellers bookmark items as a form of gambling.  They know the resale value of an item and play the wait and see game i.e. “How many times will this garment be marked down before someone buys it, and even if it’s a steal, I’ll still wait it out (that’s the gamble) because if I can get it for X percentage, my profit will be HUGE”!  As I’ve said, it’s very smart, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be quick to bait the hook because I’m on the receiving end!  I’d rather create a fresh listing and have a regular bargain shopper stumble on a lucky deal.  They are much more appreciative and are less likely to troll you after the sale or nix your feedback rating for the purpose of one upmanship.  Truth be told, the reason reseller gambling gets my goat is because I know of many of them,  on a different level.  These are the sellers who started eBay with me back in the early 2000’s when eBay was doing it’s uphill climb.  I was listed in Terapeak as one of eBay’s Top 5 clothing sellers which made me a target.  There were other factors at play there which I am unwilling to discuss at this time but to say it doesn’t still haunt me to this day would be a lie.   I feel sometimes that even though I’ve been knocked back down to the bottom (mostly at my own hand for not biting back), I’m still a target.  My greatest revenge can only be to get the crown back.  It may be impossible and it will certainly take more investment than I currently have but in this case I’m hoping slow and steady will win this race.

It sounds mean spirited but I’m going to say it anyway.  There is a special place in hell for the reselling buyers I’ve described.   Stalking new Poshmark sellers knowing that eventually all new sellers must give in and lower their prices waaay lower than they should for no other reason than they don’t have a following yet makes me see them as opportunists.  Damnit it’s so smart!  It sucks to admire their tenacity when I’m feeling so bitter for justifiable reasons that exist only with me,  and the fact that  I know I can do better than this.

I’m a new Poshmark seller and my philosophy is that in the first year or two, I won’t be turning much of a profit.  It’s very difficult for a new seller to meet market prices and I will be caught in the lowball cycle until I’m able to pave my way through the in’s and out’s of what today’s resale business has become.  I fell out of this business for 10 years and I know that it’s a much bigger beast to conquer today than it was 10, 15 and 20 years ago.  It requires much harder work, much more money than I currently have access to and it requires an incredible amount of fortitude in a viciously saturated market.  As I rack my brain learning the do’s and don’ts and imagining ways to make myself stand out from the crowd, I get overwhelmed… but not enough to give up.  I know eventually I will be standing in the right place at the right time, doing exactly the right thing and eventually I will have my own big little corner in the ecommerce world where I will once again polish my tiera without being smug.  It just takes time… and persistence.

I wish I named my Poshmark store “Persistence” because when I start feeling frustrated by slow progression it would be nice to have that visual reminder every time I log in and see my closet name in bold letters across the top of the page.  I feel frequently like I want to give up but I also know that when I compare the results of my hard work against other new sellers, my position is not all that bad.  I’m doing well but seeing that I am impatient, I’m pushing myself harder and further than the average entry level Posher.  I’m thankful for what I have accomplished to date and I force myself to dust off my ability to redirect frustration into gratitude and a willingness to overcome the challenges.  I’m up to it.

This is my Poshmark Closet If you aren’t thoroughly disgusted my my attitude, feel free to send me a comment, shop and share.

Poshmark: Flash Sale!! (Updated)

(My Update is down below, under the original post)

To quickly see which fashions I’ve marked down to $15 to $25 click the banner.


If you’re not very quick or don’t care, keep reading….

One of the things I’m experimenting with to get rid of clothing that has been hanging in my closet for what I feel is a little too long, aside from joining share parties, is to run a flash sale.  Since I’m new to Poshmark I don’t belong to a lot of share groups yet but I do belong to two small ones (We just got bigger, update below).  I made sure to tag everyone in my share group in the comments section and asked them to share my listings.    I used to host flash sales years ago when I ran my own website and found it to be effective so i’ve decided to try it with poshmark.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  So far it’s been running for about 20 minutes so it’s too soon to tell but i have has two sales so far.  I’d love to see everything sell but practically speaking, for the small amount of traffic I get to my page, I’m happy with the two sales I’ve had so far.    The only thing I’m not sure of is for how long I should let my sale run before I start to look desperate.  I think 24 hours is probably a good time frame.

The reason I decided to run a flash sale is because I’ve tried to branch out a little bit and have been including fashions from all different price ranges in my closet but I haven’t been doing well with it.  Honestly I wonder if it sends mixed signals to my potential buyers.  I’m not sure someone will be as quick to spend $1075 on a Louis Vuitton writing folder from my closet as they would from another closet who only has similar quality items in the same price range and not such a wide variety.

I think my efforts have taught me a valuable lesson and now I’m ready to take the next step with selling on Poshmark.  There’s only one way to go and it sure as heck isn’t down 🙂

———–  Update ———-

It’s been an amazing day and I have learned so much!!  I’m actually considering opening a second closet, one for items over $50 and one for items $25 and below.  I’m not sure what the rules are for having two closets but if it’s allowed, I will be doing just that.

I had 2 sales in the first 10 minutes.  In the first hour I had 5 sales total.  By hour three I had 6 sales.   To me it was a success so I’ve decided to let it run for 24 hours instead of just 2 or 3 as originally planned.  I figure this way the west coast and Hawaii can be included.  The sale has been picked over and the top picks are already gone but I feel it’s worth it to extend.

Something unexpected also happened today.  To my disappointment a rift happened.  That’s never fun 😦

I’ll post screenshots and let you decide if this rift actually had anything to do with me…  or if someone was a bit jelly:

When she first saw my post asking the group to exchange another round of shares with me (these are reciprocal shares, I always share back), four to five hours after the fact, this was her response.


After she looked over my Poshmark page and saw my sales, 10 minutes later this was her updated response:



After she posted this, not one person in our share group didn’t step up and defend me.  They were not shy about letting her know that they were not at all “put out”, were happy to share and Poshmark is about sharing.  As a result she blocked all of us.   Every single one of us.

Part of my learning experience today is basically just a reminder of what we already know about women.  Don’t ever let your guard down simply because we’re in a positive or sharing environment.  I learned this lesson while I was young and working as a traveling nurse.  If you put a dozen women in the same room,  there is bound to be a squabble for no other reason than in women’s minds there can only be one Queen Bee.

In passive self defense,  I did tag everyone to her post with an apology for making a request of another round of voluntary shares.  That’s when the entire group came to my defense.

In the future I will have to be a bit more inventive in the way I advertise my sales and will make it a point not to announce my sales in such a way that might invite negative attention or negative banter.  My time spent on Poshmark is being spent for the purpose of growth and sales,  and not to get involved with drama.

In the end I choose to see the rift as a positive learning experience in that it forces me to think outside the box.  It’s also brought my share group closer together.  All in all it was a good day.

Poshmark: In Being New (Part l)

I’ve always been aware of Poshmark but I’ve never actually taken the time to get to know it until recently.   I confess this is not my first account.  I created my first account sometime in 2015 but immediately closed it when I encountered a nervy person who had the audacity to ask me if I would agree to trade her dirty $8.00 Old Navy shoes in exchange for my $2800.00 Dolce & Gabbana dress.  Looking back I realize it was probably a predatory competitor welcoming me and my new account the best way she knew how, with the intent to scare me off in a job well done.   This doesn’t mean ridiculous trade offers don’t happen, it’s just not very common because those who do trade can, for the most part, recognize those of us who are not open to trades and usually stick to themselves.

Speaking of “predatory” I’ll be using that same word with reference to buyers but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I created my second Poshmark account in November 2017 but didn’t actively sell anything until mid to late January 2018.   There’s a lot to learn about Poshmark that I didn’t understand.   It’s not like eBay where you just upload your listing and walk away until it’s sold, there’s so much more involved.  There’s self sharing, sharing from other closets, dressing rooms, news feeds, likes, comments section,  make an offer, the lack of customer support, the lowball offers, the teenagers, and the seasoned sellers who deliberately throw subtle wrenches into your game using techniques they’ve been perfecting since the year 2000.  It’s only now that I realize my blog post about Poshmark will probably be a series and not a single post!  Poshmark is THAT complex.

How did I finally make my first sale?  I clicked on one of my listings and was greeted by a message at the top of the page that said something along the lines of, “Your item hasn’t been shared in more than 4 days”.  After seeing this I clicked the arrow located under my product photos and within minutes I had my first sale.  What a pleasant surprise!!  Sharing on Poshmark is a significant aspect of being successful and that is how I learned.

In my travels on Poshmark I occasionally will see other closets who have “0 shares” at the top of their pages and my reaction is probably the same as everyone else’s was towards my page when I wasn’t sharing.  “I’m not going to share her listings because clearly she won’t be sharing mine” and “I’m not going to comment to her about it because I don’t know this person and I’m not interested in having the dialogue anyway”.  Entering into a dialogue with someone who is new to Poshmark would entail too much typing to a person who has way too many questions that I don’t feel like taking the time to answer and most likely, if she’s anything like me,  she would blow me off because her current stance on Poshmark is, “Why would I share my competitors listings?  That’s stupid!”  Poshmark is a beast all of its own and no other ecommerce site has ever incorporated a social aspect to sales.  To newer Poshmark sellers who already know it all like me, typing helpful comments is not always seen as helpful and can actually start a beef if you are commenting to the wrong newbie.

Do I like sharing?  Not particularly.  It’s not that I don’t like sharing.  It’s that it’s very tedious and if you do it right, it’s time consuming.  Some days, most days, sharing yields no results other than a sore wrist.  Other days it will bring a windfall.  Speaking of sharing I have to end my post here because I signed up for a Share Party which just so happens to be the same time as a Poshmark Party and I don’t want to get a bad reputation for not doing my part.  Everyone on Poshmark knows, “Sharing is Caring”.

I’ll discuss “predatory buying” when I get back 🙂

Vintage Designer Dresses & Louis Vuitton

It’s been a while since I listed an estate or thrift find for sale on an e-commerce site.  I don’t know why but I recently got the bug again.  I guess it’s because when I’m within 10 miles of a grab, I can’t pass it by.  I have to stop.  It’s like a playground for me.  There’s just so much to explore in other peoples lives and I find it fascinating.  The one thing that always remains consistent is that we are all basically the same, we only view situations through a different set of eyes.

Here’s what my eyes found this week:

Size 8 vintage Giorgio Armani wiggle / pencil dress.  I put a rose on the floor to add a splash of color to my Poshmark  photo’s.  I seem to have found a lot of dark colored fashions this time around.  I think the red compliments it nicely, as would a pair of red shoes.  Clicking the photo will take you directly to the listing.  It opens in a new window.


Size 6 vintage Moschino button front dress.  The buttons are really cute.  Some of them say, “chic” and the others are hearts.  Perfect dress for a day at the office and still very much in style.  Clicking the photo will open a new window to the Poshmark listing.


I love this one, not because it’s a Louis Vuitton Monogram but because I love to write and it is a very rare, vintage writing folder.  It came with a pad of Louis Vuitton monogram paper which more than likely has absorbed vintage odors over the years but it’s not the paper that makes the folder now is it!  It has a three digit date code representing February 1988.  It’s officially 30 years old this month!  Clicking the folder will open up a new window and bring you to the Poshmark listing.  You should know that I also have it listed on eBay (blue link) for $100 less.  price is based on the fee structure of the different sites.


Have you found anything great, fun, awe inspiring lately?

Americana: July 4th, Fashion and Style

As you don your red, white, and blue and head out to enjoy the beach, social gatherings and fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday, what favorite all-American style in fashion history will you be wearing?


This classic white sundress featured in Vogue Magazine, July 2012, should be a staple in every womans wardrobe.  Years after this Ralph Lauren made it’s debut in stores across America,  it is considered a staple whose “trend”  life extends beyond the pales of being current.   Well designed fashion will always be in style no matter how many years have gone by.  It’s equally as fashionable today as it was back in July 2012.


Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2016 RTW inspiration boards were pasted with printouts of vintage posters and pictures of all kinds of handmade, homemade souvenir embroideries. That summer,  sundresses, printed scarves, sandals, straw hats and bags—things that women from all over the world could enjoy wearing while celebrating patriotic holidays.  While this specific dress was actually inspired by Italian living, American women can cetainly take ownership!

The 2016 collection use of stripes which ranged from soft and subtle to bold and extra large in horizontal, vertical or diagonal patterns and remains timeless.  Perfect for the fourth of July.


From the time Esquire first introduced America to the Varga Girl in 1940,  Alberto Vargas’ classic choice of fashion, many of which were patriotic, remains inspiration for July fourths today and for decades to come.

Alberto Vargas (PinUp) is a great source for Americana and patriotic fashion inspiration. Inspired by the Folies Bergère of Paris, The Ziegfeld Follies was a series of elaborate theatrical revue productions (and the more elaborate high class Vaudeville variety show) on Broadway in New York City from 1907 through 1931.

Alberto Vargas was painting in a store window in May 1919 when he was asked by a representative of the Ziegfeld Follies to show his work the next day to Mr Ziegfeld … he was to become the most famous and prolific pin-up artist of all time.


Whether you choose to wear a UNIF Americana Denim Jacket, a classic Ralph Lauren white dress, Dolce & Gabbana stripes or if your style is to inspire others with fabulous fashions of the past, remember two things:

1) Have a happy July 4, 2017 holiday!
2. Have a safe July 4, 2017 holiday!

75% sale on all Nordstrom brands (repost)

(Screenshot) Presidents day sale…You NEED to take advantage of these prices!
This is a re-post for anyone who may have missed it over the weekend.