Poshmark: How to make sales

I’m still new to Poshmark but because I’m so determined to turn this into a business I’ve been traveling around Poshmark at Mach speeds, learning the “to do’s” and “to dont’s”.

I’ve learned very quickly that Share Groups are a waste of time and very rarely will participating in them result in a sale.   A “Share party” is a two word phrase to describe sellers spamming other sellers with listings that they’ve never looked at and have no intention of buying.  It also involves communicating with 1) women 2) who are in competition with you in spite of the “sharing is caring” motto and 3) will stab you in the back for a $5 sale.   Just as there are no friends in business you certainly have no friends on Poshmark either.  Are you on Poshmark to make friends, to expose yourself to unnecessary drama and to be a part of a clique or are you there to sell your closet?  What are your goals?

Some of the larger “share groups” take themselves very seriously.  It’s very easy to get sucked in by the interaction and the belief that you’re a part of something but after you give yourself a moment to step back and view the whole picture for it’s true value, hopefully you will realize what a burdensome waste of time it was.  If this doesn’t persuade you then just wait until you make your first mistake.   If you mistakenly skip someone,  if you are having a bad day, are busy or need to excuse yourself because you are sick, (insert laugh of knowledge with one eyebrow raised here), you’ll find yourself on the outs real quick and they aren’t nice about it.  Everyone in the share group will be instructed to block you.  You’ll feel hurt and have a sense of wonder as to what just happened but the rebound is sweet.  If you’re smart you’ll gladly remove yourself from the faux network and follow all of their followers and move on knowing that you’re really not left out of the loop.  Hint:  All of Poshmark is one big loop.

So — I joined Poshmark in November of 2017 after finally accepting that eBay will never yield the results it once did.  Of course being scammed out of $608.00 is good enough motivation, especially for somebody who already lives in poverty.  I don’t dwell on it, I simply pick my hurt pride up off the floor and start over.  It was a big hit for someone so small but I’ve already earned my losses back 5.5 times over by moving to Poshmark.

I didn’t actually become involved in selling on Poshmark until January 2018 because I didn’t realize the way Poshmark worked.  I thought it was like eBay where you upload a product and abandon it until it sells.   It wasn’t until I clicked to edit one of my listings and was greeted with the message across the top of the page, “Your listing hasn’t been shared in more than 4 days” did I realize how much more involved Poshmark is compared to eBay.  You have to be motivated to be an effective seller on Poshmark and you have to have a lot of time on your hands.

I became a Top Seller in less than four weeks and was qualified to be a Poshmark Ambassador in the same month.  The only thing holding me back at this point is my finances.  Instead of turning my profits into more inventory, I’m paying my bills and am spending whatever is left over on a menial amount of inventory as opposed to sinking it back in the way I should in order to maintain a steady growth rate.  To become an Ambassador you must complete a number of achievements (which I did in three weeks) but what remains outstanding for me is the ability to have 50 available listings.  To be paying living expenses off of your Poshmark sales while trying to grow a business pretty much leaves you with very slim margin.  From what I understand having that Ambassador status is key to generating a reliable enough sales level to flourish.  This is my current challenge and I look forward to squashing it.

I am a Top Seller and am very close to earning the coveted Top 10% ranking.  I have a five star rating and 53 sales with a total profit of $3354.00 – on a site so complicated I’m not ready to pat myself on the back yet because it’s not nearly enough.  Even though I know I will eventually be one of Poshmarks’ highest ranked sellers (at which point my goals will change) I want more, faster and with bigger numbers today, not tomorrow..   I’m capable of doing more, faster and with much larger numbers, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at  the right time for a much needed launch.  Baby steps truly sucks but I won’t let it stop me.   I’d like to double each 3 months.

As for how I got here so fast and how I plan to push forward?  Fuck off.  Any business minded person would be a fool to share their trade secrets.  I will never discuss my strategy with anyone, not even in private because lessons of the past have taught me that there are always eyes and ears trained on people like me and one mistake at it’s birth can send it all tumbling down.

The short of it, if you are Googling for information on how to make sales on Poshmark you will definitely come up with all kinds of answers.  Very few of them are anything more than surface answers, and this blog post is no different.  If you want to make sales you must first know yourself, your audience and who your competitors are.  What you do with that knowledge defines you and your business.



Poshmark: In Being New (Part l)

I’ve always been aware of Poshmark but I’ve never actually taken the time to get to know it until recently.   I confess this is not my first account.  I created my first account sometime in 2015 but immediately closed it when I encountered a nervy person who had the audacity to ask me if I would agree to trade her dirty $8.00 Old Navy shoes in exchange for my $2800.00 Dolce & Gabbana dress.  Looking back I realize it was probably a predatory competitor welcoming me and my new account the best way she knew how, with the intent to scare me off in a job well done.   This doesn’t mean ridiculous trade offers don’t happen, it’s just not very common because those who do trade can, for the most part, recognize those of us who are not open to trades and usually stick to themselves.

Speaking of “predatory” I’ll be using that same word with reference to buyers but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I created my second Poshmark account in November 2017 but didn’t actively sell anything until mid to late January 2018.   There’s a lot to learn about Poshmark that I didn’t understand.   It’s not like eBay where you just upload your listing and walk away until it’s sold, there’s so much more involved.  There’s self sharing, sharing from other closets, dressing rooms, news feeds, likes, comments section,  make an offer, the lack of customer support, the lowball offers, the teenagers, and the seasoned sellers who deliberately throw subtle wrenches into your game using techniques they’ve been perfecting since the year 2000.  It’s only now that I realize my blog post about Poshmark will probably be a series and not a single post!  Poshmark is THAT complex.

How did I finally make my first sale?  I clicked on one of my listings and was greeted by a message at the top of the page that said something along the lines of, “Your item hasn’t been shared in more than 4 days”.  After seeing this I clicked the arrow located under my product photos and within minutes I had my first sale.  What a pleasant surprise!!  Sharing on Poshmark is a significant aspect of being successful and that is how I learned.

In my travels on Poshmark I occasionally will see other closets who have “0 shares” at the top of their pages and my reaction is probably the same as everyone else’s was towards my page when I wasn’t sharing.  “I’m not going to share her listings because clearly she won’t be sharing mine” and “I’m not going to comment to her about it because I don’t know this person and I’m not interested in having the dialogue anyway”.  Entering into a dialogue with someone who is new to Poshmark would entail too much typing to a person who has way too many questions that I don’t feel like taking the time to answer and most likely, if she’s anything like me,  she would blow me off because her current stance on Poshmark is, “Why would I share my competitors listings?  That’s stupid!”  Poshmark is a beast all of its own and no other ecommerce site has ever incorporated a social aspect to sales.  To newer Poshmark sellers who already know it all like me, typing helpful comments is not always seen as helpful and can actually start a beef if you are commenting to the wrong newbie.

Do I like sharing?  Not particularly.  It’s not that I don’t like sharing.  It’s that it’s very tedious and if you do it right, it’s time consuming.  Some days, most days, sharing yields no results other than a sore wrist.  Other days it will bring a windfall.  Speaking of sharing I have to end my post here because I signed up for a Share Party which just so happens to be the same time as a Poshmark Party and I don’t want to get a bad reputation for not doing my part.  Everyone on Poshmark knows, “Sharing is Caring”.

I’ll discuss “predatory buying” when I get back 🙂

A Call To Action: Boycott Mainstream Media

Fair notice to mainstream media. As you continue to force your negativity, your opinions and your false rhetoric down the throats of mainstream America, you’re failing to recognize the obvious fact that the mainstream population is moving away from you.  There is a reason we’ve turned you off and tuned you out.  Your life and your opinions are no more important than the millions of unemployed, under employed, self employed, small American business owners and hard working individuals that populate this country.  There are more of us than there are of you.  It’s time to see yourselves for who you really are.

  1.  Your life is not important and neither is your opinion.  Opinions are like assholes.   The media seems to have a few too many of them.
  2. Journalism and reporting is not subjective.  It’s foundation is objective.
  3. Celebrities do not have an opinion.  We pull your strings, you dance.
  4. News, “reporters” are objects we turn on at 6pm. You tell us facts, and then you go back into your box until tomorrow at the same time, same place.

Get over yourselves.   If I am not looking at your face in the mirror when I brush my teeth in the morning, then your opinion means nothing.  If you don’t understand what that means, and clearly you don’t, it means, we see our own reflection or the reflection of those who are important to us, and those are the only opinions that matter.

I am tired of feeling judged by a “news” entity who doesn’t even know I exist.  I’m tired of you believing that I should be told what I should and shouldn’t think, feel, eat, breathe, live.   You are a select few who have no idea what it’s like to get in MY car and drive to MY job every day.  Here in the REAL WORLD my life is much more important than yours.

When you stop reporting your opinion, I will reconsider adding you to the list of channels I subscribe to.

Until then,  subject line, “remove”.

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Hot Flashes: lifestyles & home remedies

I am a 49 years old and I am post menopausal.  I have been post menopausal for 5 years.  I began having symptoms at age 36 which is unusually young, so as you can imagine, I have developed a good sense of humor in my quest to find fast, easy and simple tricks to dealing with mood swings, irritability and hot flashes. 

First and foremost, lets get this out of the way.  Drugs, hormone replacement therapy and modern medicine will never stop hot flashes.  Hot flashes will continue to occur for years after your last menstrual cycle.   Doctors and big-pharm  are chronically pushing unnecessary drugs on us for profit and very few of them actually offer a solution.  Lets discuss this, woman to woman, without the fourberie of profit.

Here’s the real deal. We all know that some of the biggest hot flash triggers are things we are never going to be willing to let go, and I’m here to tell you, you shouldn’t have to.  There is no way in hell I am giving up my alcohol, nicotine, spicy foods, caffeine, fatty foods, and chocolate.  No way, no how.  There are more livable solutions, trust me!

Pour me a glass ladies, I’m going in….


Let’s just bypass the whole, “watch what you eat and drink” thing. Hot and spicy foods, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol can trigger hot flashes but if I am going to be forced to let any one of these necessities go, then the world will be forced to deal with the backlash of my insatiable mood swings.  My middle aged mouth is comparable to a man and his penis.  Once it’s on, I have no control over it and I refuse to take responsibility for the mistakes I make with it …but only if you dare take away my vices.   There will be no further discussion.

Lets quickly address Estrogen and Estrogen like remedies.

Not all plant estrogen’s are safe!  Be careful. Asian women, who consume soy regularly, are less likely to report hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms than are women in other parts of the world. One reason might be related to ingestion of estrogen-like compounds in soy, red clover and many other plants. However, studies giving soy to women with hot flashes have generally found no benefit. Many women in the western world also are not aware that soy is a severe allergen. While the reaction to soy may not be as obvious as asthma attacks or hives, changes in your mental status and increased severity of mood swings are the most common side effects of soy products.

This is the most important info in this entire article:

S-Adenosyl methionine otherwise known as SAM-E.   As you can see, there are no links here. I’m not advertising for profit and I have absolutely no investment. I’m writing about it because after 13 years of dealing with doctors, pharmacists and natural food stores, I know what works.

The action SAM-E takes on your body is a naturally occurring biosynthesis that your body normally does on it’s own.  As we age, we have less of what we need so by taking it we are restoring the balance.   SAM-E synthesizes hormones and the neurotransmitters that affect mood and without using all of the harsh chemicals hospitals and medical practitioners love to prescribe for us.   You can never take too much because you can’t over dose. You may get a mild, flank headache on day 1 or 2 but it goes away and you will be a whole new person by day 3.  After week 1 you will come back and thank me.  SAM-E doesn’t just address hot flashes but it also covers the crazy mood swings and feelings of irritation.  The effects are immediate.  There are no side effects.

In the meantime…

Water – The fastest and easiest remedy to a hot flash is as simple as lifting the hair off of the back of your neck and patting it with cool tap water. If there is a fan, an a/c vent or any office equipment that moves air, if you stand with your neck to it,  allowing the air to evaporate,  your body will be sent into a natural chill.

Home made Ice Packs or Cold Compresses –  Application of ice packs is another useful home remedy for hot flashes. You can try this treatment several times a day especially in the summer. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a soft hand cloth or paper towel and apply gently on your face, neck, upper part of the chest, inner side of the wrists and elbows to get instant relief from the hotness. Apply the cold pack on the groin as well. You can also refrigerate a wash cloth and use it as per requirement.

Pop a vitamin E pill

While vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties, it can also help your arteries work better and reduce inflammation—all of which could improve hot flashes. In an Iranian study published in Gynecological and Obstetrical Investigations in 2007, 51 women experiencing severe hot flashes took 400 IU of vitamin E every day for 4 weeks or a placebo. After a week without either vitamin E or the placebo, they switched; the vitamin E group took the placebo, and the placebo group took vitamin E. When the women took the vitamin, they had significantly fewer and less severe hot flashes, leading the researchers to conclude that vitamin E was a good option for women with hot flashes. If you decide to try vitamin E, stick to a supplement that supplies 400 IU a day; higher amounts could slightly increase your risk of dying early.

Vitamin D

To absorb calcium, your body requires vitamin D. As one ages, levels of vitamin D decline. Some sources of vitamin D are fatty fish, sunlight, low fat dairy products. Women over 50 require a minimum of 600 IU per day intake of vitamin D and women above 70 require 800 IU.

Try yoga – grab a glass of wine, turn on your favorite music, and dim the lights.

A small study in 14 postmenopausal women who were having four or more moderate-to-severe hot flashes per day found that learning eight restorative yoga poses and taking a weekly 90-minute restorative yoga class for 8 weeks led to an average one-third drop in the number of hot flashes and in their severity. Restorative yoga focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures using props such as blankets, bolsters, and straps. The poses are usually sustained for 5 to 10 minutes each, putting you in a deep state of relaxation.

Researchers think one reason for yoga’s benefits is the sense of control it provides, a sense you learn to bring to the hot flash itself. The deep relaxation that occurs with restorative yoga also engages the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that controls unconscious responses such as sweating. Other types of yoga, such as Bikram, have also been shown to have similar benefits.

Night Sweats;  when hot flashes strike at night –

  1.  A cooling pillow conforms to the back of your neck.  It’s made of gel.  Some of them run expensive but more affordable one can be found by searching sites like eBay.
  2. Keeping a clean cotton T-shirt next to the bed to replace a damp top can help you get comfortably back to sleep without too much disruption. You may also want to keep an extra pillow with a cotton pillowcase handy so that you can switch pillows easily. It may add to the laundry, but sleeping on a damp pillow night after night can ruin the pillow.
  3. Keep a small fan at the side of your bed next to a glass of water.  Dip your fingers in the water, touch the back of your neck and let the fan do the rest of the work.  Two minutes tops, and you will be back to sleep comfortably.


Do you have any, quick and easy solutions that are home remedies that I’ve missed?  Please add them in the comments section below.  Please- no drugs or synthetic hormones.  These are not safe nor are they naturally healing.

Do You Shop at Clothing Consignments?

When I entered into my 30’s I discovered consignment shops and it was then that I vowed I would never shop retail anymore.  It was a practical decision.   As someone who was jump starting a small business within the realm of fashion, it was important that I looked the part.   Maintaining my ability to dress in the same fashions, trends and designer brands relevant to my clients was an important part of doing business.  This is true for every business, not just the fashion industry.  The impression we leave with our peers in the business setting can make or break our career.

When you are in the market for a new skirt suit for the upcoming meeting that may lead you to the promotion you have worked so hard for, or the ski sweater you will be wearing on your first vacation to Whistler, Canada with your new corporate beau or just the perfect bag to throw over your shoulder when you meet his overly judgemental grandmother for the first time, where do you shop?  She wears Chanel, you can’t afford Chanel.  He wears Valentino but his salary is 20% higher than yours.  Are you going to go to Old Navy?  Saks? Neiman Marcus?

When you make the decision where to shop and what to buy, you are making a statement.  As you convey to your new corporate beau’s Grandmother that you admire her generations’ sensibility and wonderfully crafted products as you place your hand on your vintage alligator Kelly bag (which is also a current fashion statement in 2017), and smile shyly as you are a consignee, you are telling her that you are the perfect, penny wise, fashion forward woman for her grandson.


If you think your peers in the board room don’t know the difference between a single thread suit that will survive enough cleanings to make it through a single season versus a quality suit that will carry you through to the next round of promotions, then maybe you don’t deserve that promotion.   You know how the corporate world works.  Play the game!


Don’t forget to pack the matching shoes and sweater…

When you need assistance putting together the perfect wardrobe on a modest budget, you are always welcome to consult me.  I have 8 years of personal shopping experience to compliment your shopping know-how.

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Ask for Angela

I found this article on Yahoo and want to do my part to spread the secret word.


“Some women struggle when they are faced with situations in which they feel unsafe.

Many women have found themselves on dates in which they’ve felt uncomfortable or even unsafe. Getting out of these situations can be tricky, which is why one organization has designed a clever way to help women in need of assistance.

A poster in the restroom of a bar in Lincolnshire, England, directs women who might be in compromising situations to seek help from the establishment’s staff. The sign reads, “Are you on a date that isn’t working out? Is your Tinder or POF date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel like you’re not in a safe situation? Does it all feel a bit weird?”

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, one has the option to go to the bar and “ask for ‘Angela.’” Once a staff member is addressed in this way, he or she will then “call you a taxi or help you out discreetly — without too much fuss.”

The poster is sponsored by Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, a nonprofit that lends free support to women who have experienced sexual violence and assault.

“The ‘Ask for Angela’ posters are part of our wider #NoMore campaign, which aims to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse, promote services in Lincolnshire, and empower victims to make a decision on whether to report incidents,” Hayley Child, the strategy coordinator for substance misuse and sexual violence and abuse for Lincolnshire County Council, told the Independent.

The #NoMore campaign, held from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, was designed to raise awareness for ending sexual violence and abuse, support and empower victims, and help spread the word on the various support services the organization provides.

Fortunately, the campaign was a success, and it’s not the last people will see of it. “We have had a really positive response to the campaign, including thanks from victims of abuse for the work that’s being done. The campaign has been supported by many professional partners in the county, and we will be relaunching #NoMore in February to tie in with National Sexual Violence and Abuse Awareness Week,” Child said”.

I’m pretty sure we do not have a similar campaign or code here in the United States which is all the more reason I’d like to share this article with you.

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