I threw a temper tantrum on eBay

Aside from the agony and self torture I put myself through when I know I’ve done something wrong,  after sitting down with myself for some serious self  introspection I’ve come to realize that it’s more than just a tantrum.  It’s that I lost faith in my own self and as a result I allowed myself to succumb to fear which,  turned inward becomes anger.    Anger is never good.  How very self destructive.

Ebay can be very stressful for  small businesses and I wonder how many others experience the same anger in their journey, be it on their way back up from a fall, fighting to find a new niche or just getting started?

If I [we] allow it to become a pattern then I’ll [we’ll] always fail…. even when I [we] don’t.  That’s the outcome of my self introspection following my tantrum,  but what was my tantrum about?  Something so simple.  Lack of patience.  I owe @DevinWenig an apology as well as @AskeBay an apology.  I’m probably being harsh with myself and they’re probably used to it but this doesn’t make it right.  It makes a miserable environment that potentially can get me into trouble with eBay.  If I’m depending on eBay for my livelihood, and if I’m genuinely thankful for the opportunity to be my own boss, work at my own pace, sometimes in my pajamas, have an unlimited earning potential and a bright future, then why am I creating my own roadblocks?

My temper tantrum was this;  I became a snot nosed child throwing puff punches at eBay for no other reason than I can’t control EVERYTHING.  I can micromanage every aspect of my life, I can be a controlling girlfriend, I can be a controlling pet owner, but what I can’t be is controlling of eBay.  It drives CRAZY!!  Crazy lady comin’ through!


In my defense, the bidding didn’t look like this [above] when I threw the tantrum.  It looked something more like this [below]…


..and this is why I lost control of my sanity.  The thing of it is this; when I run auctions, which is mostly what I do as opposed to “Buy it Now”, I know that the bidders will bid the item up (or down) to it’s resale market value.  I may think the end result is wrong, but the truth is,  the buyers/bidders drive the market.  I know this.

I know my product.  I’d like to think I choose my products wisely.  I’d also like to think I know it all.  What’s great about eBay is what’s driving me insane.  It’s that I can control nothing {insert grrrr noise here} in a life where I control everything…. but my temper.  I can be such an asshole… but lets get past that and move on to what I’ve learned.

For home based eBay businesses, especially those with limited storage space, auctions really are the best way to survive and earn a living.  There are variables that come into play, and having to compete with cheap Chinese knockoffs or an over saturated market in a very competitive niche has very little to do with it.

My niche is fashion.  I love fashion.  I know fashion.  I have an entire eBay careers worth of experience with fashion.  While I don’t know everything there is to know about fashion, I’m smart enough to conduct searches through eBay’s completed auctions section to find out what’s selling.   I don’t watch T.V. but I do watch YouTube videos, social media videos around the web and news videos.  All of the women I see in the videos have one important fact in common and that is that they all wear clothing as do the women at the cash register as I’m reading the tag lines of Vogue Magazine, Cosmo and all of the Rag Mags.  If I’m in a long line I’ll grab one and start browsing.  If I see something interesting, I’ll buy the magazine.  One need not be very bright to do this.

What I’m saying is, if you know your product and you proactively seek out new information, it really is impossible to fail.  But then there’s more.  What days do the average, mainstream Americans get paid?  Do their shopping?  Do their browsing and bookmarking?  There’s a synchronicity to it.

…and last but not least (lesson learned), stay… away… from the eBay community message boards.  The majority of the people who post messages are posting them in angst.  They are impatient too.  They are venting, being negative, spreading false information, often insulting to one another, sometimes passively, sometimes aggressively, but most important, they are affecting your psyche.  Misery loves company.  If they are down, they want you to be down too.  If you read it enough, it begins to set in.  Don’t let it set in.  Just don’t read it.  Take it out of your bookmarks.  Forget it exists.  Think of it this way, when is the last time you saw one of the larger, more financially fit businesses hanging out and posting?  They are busy being financially fit what is what the rest of us should be doing.

Yesterday was for learning.  The day before was for practice.  Today is for taking the trophy.  It’s an old saying my gymnastics coach drilled in my head when I was a kid.  It’s stuck with me all my life.

So in the end, my zero bid blouse sold for it’s resale market value.  I allowed myself to forget what I know and I grew impatient.  Bidding usually doesn’t gain momentum daily.  Auctions are awesome and for the most part, if done with forethought, turn out right 🙂


Crossing the world with a stranger

Liégeois Sylvain, Place du Marché 27, Battice, Belgium.

I’m a small town girl and would never have experienced world travel had I not met the most wonderful couple in a thrift store.  Girls like me aren’t fortunate enough to experience the finest things in life but today all of that changed, if only for an hour or two.

As I walked in it’s grungy doors my eyes were immediately drawn to the “collectibles” department where the isles were freshly restocked.  There was very expensive pieces of pottery, dishes and ceramics, each having a makers mark from all parts of the world.  There were Starbucks mugs from several different states, some had dates, others were holiday mugs.   After inspecting all of them I realized they all came from the same place and  as I toured the store I realized that these were the the belongings of an elderly couple whose  remnants told a story of great love, extensive travel and what I perceived to be a very sudden and sad ending..   but the story in and of itself was one of the most beautiful stories that could ever be told.

As a young couple, they loved to travel.  They vacationed under the stars in Paris, enjoyed fresh baked pastries in Venice, raced down the slopes of Switzerland on ski’s and traveled the Ryfylke Tourist Route in Norway.  Each piece of pottery, every souvenir dish, ashtray and mug, terrine, and figurine  that I examined took me further and further away from my own little town and it was then that I can honestly say was the only time I’ve ever experienced true love.   They weren’t just a couple.  They were more than just traveling companions.   The story I was able to quietly and peacefully put together in my mind was that two people who were very much in love, were friends, partners, confidants, and lived only for each other in every moment of their time together.  The more I looked at on the shelves, the more their story unfolded.

As time went on and age began to set in,  their travels became  closer to home but not after many years of world travel and luxurious stays.  As a young couple, they were married in California.  They honeymooned in Paris and threw a key in the canal.  Shortly after the honeymoon they relocated from California to Florida, I think it was after an earthquake.    At one point they went to Africa but something went wrong and they didn’t stay long.  They flew back to Europe by way of Germany where they drank beer from steins.

As time moved on, beer turned into wine for her and liqueur for him.  I think he drank much more than she did.  His collection of tumblers was far more extensive than her carafe and glass collection.  I think she was sick.  Not in her mind, but physically.  For this he pampered her and took the best of care of her until the end of her life.  She lived a happy life.  She never needed for anything, only her health, but that wasn’t until later, after many years of marriage.  He probably drover her insane LOL.

It wasn’t until after his passing that I discovered this great love affair.  An affluent couple who really lived life.  They didn’t just go through the motions as so many couples do, they LIVED.

My senses felt alive, I experienced great love, overwhelming joy and in the end, was overcome with the sadness of their parting from this world.  I believe she passed before he did, probably explains the extensive liqueur accessories collection.  Regardless of the way it ended, their life story gave me an insight to something I’m sure I will never experience in my own life and I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit with them.  They shared a love that few people ever get to experience.

I took home a souvenir from my travels from California, to Florida, across Europe, down to Africa and back across the United States…  It was made in France and was purchased in Belgium at some point between the mid 1960s to 1970s. I can envision her face lighting up with joy and smiling at her husband as she finds her treasure at Liégeois Sylvain. I know she loved it. She took good care of it.


I know she’s used it at least once because there was a bit of gravy stuck to the bottom. The inside of it is glazed so it cleaned up real easy. No chips, no stains, no cracks. Only an old gold colored sticker on the base. Liégeois Sylvain, Place du Marché 27, Battice, Belgium.

For as many times as I have shopped at thrift stores,  this is the first time I have ever experienced someone else’s life through their discarded belongs.  As tragic as their ending may have, their memory has created a moment that will forever live on through my minds eye.

Yeah…  I did sell it on eBay.  The memories can’t be sold though.

A Call To Action: Boycott Mainstream Media

Fair notice to mainstream media. As you continue to force your negativity, your opinions and your false rhetoric down the throats of mainstream America, you’re failing to recognize the obvious fact that the mainstream population is moving away from you.  There is a reason we’ve turned you off and tuned you out.  Your life and your opinions are no more important than the millions of unemployed, under employed, self employed, small American business owners and hard working individuals that populate this country.  There are more of us than there are of you.  It’s time to see yourselves for who you really are.

  1.  Your life is not important and neither is your opinion.  Opinions are like assholes.   The media seems to have a few too many of them.
  2. Journalism and reporting is not subjective.  It’s foundation is objective.
  3. Celebrities do not have an opinion.  We pull your strings, you dance.
  4. News, “reporters” are objects we turn on at 6pm. You tell us facts, and then you go back into your box until tomorrow at the same time, same place.

Get over yourselves.   If I am not looking at your face in the mirror when I brush my teeth in the morning, then your opinion means nothing.  If you don’t understand what that means, and clearly you don’t, it means, we see our own reflection or the reflection of those who are important to us, and those are the only opinions that matter.

I am tired of feeling judged by a “news” entity who doesn’t even know I exist.  I’m tired of you believing that I should be told what I should and shouldn’t think, feel, eat, breathe, live.   You are a select few who have no idea what it’s like to get in MY car and drive to MY job every day.  Here in the REAL WORLD my life is much more important than yours.

When you stop reporting your opinion, I will reconsider adding you to the list of channels I subscribe to.

Until then,  subject line, “remove”.

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Furla BIG black leather cross body bag

I personally don’t know what I would put in such a big bag.  I was able to stuff two large beach towels inside and there was still room for more. Maybe it’s a travel bag or even just a good bag to travel back and fourth to the gym… but then there are those women who are good have around in any mini crisis situation.  You know the saying about the kitchen sink.  It’s that kind of bag!

It’s a Furla Black Leather Hobo Bag.  The cross body strap is canvas and can be removed.  The hand straps are leather.

Silver tone hardware. Slot for cell phone and one zip closure pocket.

Length: 15″
Width: 40″
Height: 13″

This one is ending today at 8:22 PM EST.   Most recent bid brings it to $52.99 – I’m pretty sure it will probably close there even though, in my opinion, it should have been closer to $150.00 – but alas, this is eBay and bid wars don’t really happen much anymore.  I’m thankful for the outcome either way.    I’m pretty lucky in that I am able to find a lot of nice, reusable tote bags.  The majority is preowned and the thrill is in salvaging something I know someone wants.  It’s good for the environment, it’s a fun past time and it helps to pay the bills during a difficult time in an employers market.  It’s all good 🙂

Hermès Tote Bag: Toil H Canvas

I found this Hermès Tote Bag in the least likely place.  I was actually looking for a new apartment, crisscrossing across all parts of Florida, searching for more bang for my buck.   I’m currently in a studio on the ocean which is nice but, I took it for the location which makes little sense for someone who doesn’t spend any ounce of time outside in the sun. There’s not a bit of storage space either so, I decided it’s time to find something a little more practical.  As it turned out, it was my lucky day!  I located a new apartment less than 15 miles from the most amazing thrift boutique ever.  More space, significantly smaller monthly rental payment and very close to a boutique where I can see myself spending a lot of time in.

Anyway, back to the bag.  I didn’t see it at first.   I flipped through the bags, saw nothing impressive and headed over to the blazers.   I don’t know what made me turn back around and walk back but when I lifted up a retired coach bag  and there, behind the tired old leather was something  very attractive, smiling at me like a potential new lover.   I turned to look over my shoulder as if someone behind me must have been playing a prank.  I giggled to myself and looked back at the bag and smiled shyly.  Approaching with caution, I giggled a little bit more, winked back, smiled from ear to ear and grabbed it with two hands!  It was one of the most exciting days ever.  To find an Hermès bag is the equivalent of a thrill seeker being able to put a check mark next to the adventure of a life time on his bucket list.  I have always wanted to find an Hermès bag, and there it finally was.

It’s an authentic Hermès Toil H Canvas Tote Bag with leather handles and trim.

It’s not in perfect condition.  There’s a bit of damage to two of the corners but it’s still a nice bag!  Yep, I have up for auction on eBay.  The auction will end at 9:05 PM EST, Thursday, January 5th.

As of this post, the bidding is only up to $39.00.  I’m hoping for a last minute bidding war but this is eBay and I’m not so sure those happen anymore.  We’ll see….


Coach Weekender Bag

This is a BIG Coach bag!  I can see why they call it the, “Weekender”.  If I were going away for the weekend, it can pretty much fit everything I need…  maybe not big shoes but definitely make up and a change of clothes!

I’ve listed it on eBay for $69.99… which is below market value ….   There are 12 photo’s which include a close up of the creed.


Large Leather Coach Bag -Guaranteed authentic

Material: Leather
Color: Red/Raspberry
Hardware: Silver-tone
Closure: Zipper
Dimensions: L 14″ X W 5.5″ X H 9.0″
Handle Draw: 7.5″

Condition: Pre-loved. Bag is missing the cross body shoulder strap and does have cosmetic blemishes as seen in the photos. If you have any questions or need more photo’s please feel free to contact me.

The actual weight of this bag is 1 pound, 8 ounces.   Shipping weight will be 2 pounds, 2 ounces.

Italian Mid-Century Whippet Greyhound

Up for adoption is this Italian Mid-Century Modern Ceramic/Porcelain Greyhound Dog.


I listed this adorable Whippet Greyhound dog on eBay as being Majolica [Maiolica] but it was pointed out by an anonymous poster on the eBay arts & collectables message board that Majolica is limited to only pottery. In my very limited experience with Italian porcelain, I understood the term to mean, “painted Italian tin-glazed”. I have since removed the word from the description to prevent confusion. I’m not sure if it is of enough significance because I’m confident that collectors will know exactly what its is when they see it.

I found a very similar sculpture on 1rstdibs, the difference being the intricacies; the base the dog is sitting on and the finer details of the hand painted artwork.  I believe mind is more likely a bit older and closer to being an antique.

Their asking price is close to $4000.00.  I am only asking $850.00 – a great deal for the collector who knows exactly what a bargain it is!