Oscar de la Renta: Ready to wear

It seems today, the Oscar de la Renta brand is more synonymous with evening and bridal wear. It’s a deviation from his reputation which was established by his ready to wear creations.  At my age I don’t see as much of the deviation because as an older woman I have a tendency to gravitate towards the more classic pieces.   It makes me wonder,  did I miss the mark with this Oscar de la Renta boucle blend sweater? Have women have fallen out of love with his ready to wear designs or do they younger fashionistas know that he was once better known for his more practical clothing designs?   Maybe a little bit of both?


I listed, what I think is an amazing sweater on eBay two weeks ago. I wish I was capable of delivering a more tangible view of the sweaters textures. It’s really very beautiful.  When I look at it in person (as opposed to the photos), I think of a more glamorous time when people were less casual and more preppie.  I think of a high brow ski trip and a warm fire place.  If you remember life and style of the 1980’s then you probably understand my question.   To me, this sweater is a classic and it can out live the passing trends of every decade but as with most classic clothing pieces, there was always an era when it was a trend itself.  That’s what’s so good about preppie fashion though!  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars every season updating your wardrobe.  You only buy accessories or minimal separate pieces and no one will believe this is a vintage sweater.   A pair of classic brown wool pants would be perfect.  That’s what I was thinking when I posted them to eBay (you can find this sweater by clicking the photo).

I took pictures of this sweater with and without a belt.  It’s probably the “80’s lady” in me, with my memories of iconic daily wear of glitz and glam.  Did I miss the mark on this one?

I’m asking because I’ve had it listed on ebay for two weeks.  For the price I’m surprised it hasn’t sold by now.


Is it Western Wear, Native American dress or just amazing cross culture fashion?

I’m talking about suede and leather jackets.   More specifically, the adornments that make natural leathers so unique and beautiful. This (buckskin jacket below) is another one of my fabulous finds.   It’s so very soft, thin and feels so comforting against the skin.

When I saw it I immediately fell in love it.  It’s the suede tassels and the lighter tone suede trim that makes it special.  Unfortunately it’s just a little bit too small for me so I put it on eBay to try and get some of my money back. I hope it finds a good home! My ebay auction

This was a difficult jacket for me to list.  I’ve grown attached to it for it’s raw and it’s the kind of jacket that can be worn with a pair of jeans and boots during the day and is fashionable enough to carry itself into an evening of casual drinks. It’s a beauty!

I struggled a little bit with the all important keywords.  Without the right keywords, the rightful owner will never find her new jacket!  To me it looks like it may fall into a Women’s Western Wear category but I feel “Western” is too broad of a term and “Pioneer” makes it sound, I dunno,  a little more rough than it actually is and maybe even less expensive than it actually was.  My Cherokee heritage tells me that it’s influence is Native American and that it might be prettier with some Jingles or rhythm beads attached to the fringe.  To say this is a high fashion jacket that would be right at home,  walking down a sidewalk on the back of a svelte fashionista on the upper east side of Manhattan is not unreasonable either.

I think I’ve decided it’s all of the above; Western, Native American and cross cultural.  It’s fabulous, whatever it is!  Don’t you agree?


In my internet search for keywords I came across these suede leather jackets from the f/w 2016-2017 fashion season.  If I had to choose just one I don’t think I could.  I’d like one of each.  Maybe the longer one for my fat days and the shorter one for flat tummy days.

Ask for Angela

I found this article on Yahoo and want to do my part to spread the secret word.


“Some women struggle when they are faced with situations in which they feel unsafe.

Many women have found themselves on dates in which they’ve felt uncomfortable or even unsafe. Getting out of these situations can be tricky, which is why one organization has designed a clever way to help women in need of assistance.

A poster in the restroom of a bar in Lincolnshire, England, directs women who might be in compromising situations to seek help from the establishment’s staff. The sign reads, “Are you on a date that isn’t working out? Is your Tinder or POF date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel like you’re not in a safe situation? Does it all feel a bit weird?”

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, one has the option to go to the bar and “ask for ‘Angela.’” Once a staff member is addressed in this way, he or she will then “call you a taxi or help you out discreetly — without too much fuss.”

The poster is sponsored by Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, a nonprofit that lends free support to women who have experienced sexual violence and assault.

“The ‘Ask for Angela’ posters are part of our wider #NoMore campaign, which aims to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse, promote services in Lincolnshire, and empower victims to make a decision on whether to report incidents,” Hayley Child, the strategy coordinator for substance misuse and sexual violence and abuse for Lincolnshire County Council, told the Independent.

The #NoMore campaign, held from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, was designed to raise awareness for ending sexual violence and abuse, support and empower victims, and help spread the word on the various support services the organization provides.

Fortunately, the campaign was a success, and it’s not the last people will see of it. “We have had a really positive response to the campaign, including thanks from victims of abuse for the work that’s being done. The campaign has been supported by many professional partners in the county, and we will be relaunching #NoMore in February to tie in with National Sexual Violence and Abuse Awareness Week,” Child said”.

I’m pretty sure we do not have a similar campaign or code here in the United States which is all the more reason I’d like to share this article with you.

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This Damn Michael Kors bag!!

…will be the death of me if not by heart attack then by mass chocolate binge!


I’ve sold this Michael Kors bag twice already (on ebay).  Both sales ended in nonpayment which is why this time I skipped the auction format and have it listed in the , “Buy it Now” format.   I like that women love this bag enough to flock to the auction ripping each others hair out in a fuzz flying bidding frenzy that ends with someone laying on the floor with smudged lip gloss,   but at some point someone needs to step up to the plate and show these fiesty little girls that the whole crab mentality thing is so yesterday.   Real women have more class as well as follow through.  We’re adults, ladies.  (I hope you enjoyed that visual as much as I did).

Fun Fact:  Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket (also barrel, basket or pot), is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it, neither can you.”

[1] The metaphor refers to a bucket of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.

The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress.

My Michael Kors Bag listing on eBay

I learned about fashion in a most unconventional way. Part I

My name is Kirsten Raye and I learned about fashion when I learned to become an eBay seller.   As unconventional as that seems, I am thankful for the experience because it’s been the most practical decision I have ever made as an adult.   It saved my life.

I’m not going to say that it hasn’t been tough because it has, but what I can tell you is that selling brown suede Chanel shoes, Burberry Nova Check sunglass cases, vintage alligator Kelly bags, and silk Leopard print St. John dresses (and St. John Knits) has been much easier than the alternative.  People like me don’t have many of those.

If you subscribe to my blog I will share the rest of my story with you.

I’ve been an eBay clothing seller since the summer of 2001.  I have a couple of different selling accounts because I like to be consistent with the types of items I list.  Here is my fashion selling account

You can look. Really! Come on in and browse, send me a note of “hello” and tell me what you think of my blog, my auctions, my outspoken opinions… be friendly 🙂

I found this outfit at a thrift store

Fox fur knit skirt suit

Lets bypass the whole “OMG she shops at a thrift store” stigma thing.

This is an amazing outfit!

I always love it when I Google vintage clothing finds and am able to come up with a match.   I just wish I could remember where I found this 1970’s Vogue Magazine ad for JanE so I could give proper credit.

It’s a wool and rayon raya knit skirt suit.   When I first saw the knit cardigan jacket I thought it might be a vintage St. John Knits but then I found the JanE tag.  All three pieces were found separately.   The cardigan jacket was on a running rack just being wheeled out from the stock room.  The skirt was buried on the other side of the store in a massive jungle of pants, skirts and books and the shell top was in the middle of a dress rack.

After Ooohing and Ahhing at the amazingly healthy fox fur collar prior to finding the matching skirt and top,  I was ready to make my purchase and go home without ever knowing there were two other pieces.  I was so taken by that fur.   SO plush and so beautiful that my attention was nowhere else.  I don’t know why I stayed in the store after believing I was done shopping.    I would have been happy to leave the store with my fabulous find right then and there but  I am so glad I stayed.  The funny thing about it is after having found all three pieces I still didn’t realize that I had a three piece set.  It wasn’t until after I made my way to the windowed area to check for flaws did I realize that I had three separate pieces that actually belonged together…  even then I debated with myself whether or not I only wanted to buy the cardigan sweater, or if I should take the set and list it on eBay.  It wasn’t until I got it home and put it on the mannequin did I realize what a gem I’d found.

Considering how much less experienced with vintage clothing than I am with contemporary fashion and couture brands, some may call it luck, but in all honesty I’m absolutely shocked by my blissful ignorance that day.

I did sell it on auction via eBay.  It didn’t fetch the price I expected but it fetched its worth and all is well.  I do wonder if an experienced vintage vendor on a site like Etsy may have been able to find a more rich home for it though.

What’s your experience with Catawiki?

Funny the author of this article should mention he was searching for an alternative to ebay. That’s exactly what I was doing and that’s exactly how I found his article. I personally believe there’s a potential for scams everywhere. I also believe that when you do find a great shopping venue or individual seller and you have a history of good transactions, it’s a smart practice to bookmark the index page.  The small businesses depend on it.

Have you ever used catawiki.com as a buyer or seller? What’s your experience? Is it a scam? Is it safe? What other venues have you tried?

My experience with catawiki.com

I like the idea of selling internationally and will continue to search for opportunities. For now though this is my primary home:  Click the pic below to find me.


I really wish more buyers would leave feedback. According to my eBay seller dashboard I’ve had 480 successful transactions. I’ll bet I would be much more successful as a fashion / clothing seller if my eBay auction buyers participated more with the feedback system. I’m thankful for the opportunity regardless.