Trend Setter: Chanel gold metallic

Setting aside our disdain for Devin Wenig and the atrocities he’s committed against female owned proprietorships within the luxury clothing categories on eBay, there’s still a million reasons to continue shopping.   There are incredible steals up for the taking if you have the patience of a saint to weed through the China manufacturer direct duplicate listing spam, and the flooding of toxic Chinese garbage that has destroyed the eBay search engines.

A female politician, who will remain unnamed (for my own protection, not hers), from Washington, D.C, who is in part responsible for the creation of the policies that enabled Devin Wenig to FUCK all clothing sellers just purchased a $600.00 vintage Celine gold metallic brocade jacket for $19.99 with the cost of shipping billed to the vendor, leaving zero profit.  It’s awesome that a million dollar women can spend so little in the businesses of population she destroyed, wearing a design Chanel is currently bringing back as a current fashion trend.


Aside from the fact that the common folk usually doesn’t have $19.99 left over at the end of the month to purchase such a lovely jacket, there are still those who maintain a somewhat healthy budget and really should be paying closer attention to the steals and deals they are missing!

Do I sound bitter? I think it’s safe to say I’m feeling about as venomous at the irony of who benefitted from my steal & deal markdown sale as a coiled rattler.  I could never have predicted that the signee of the policy that put me (and thousands of other women) out of business would be the beneficiary.

At least she kept it American. For that I am thankful.

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