Poshmark: In Being New (Part l)

I’ve always been aware of Poshmark but I’ve never actually taken the time to get to know it until recently.   I confess this is not my first account.  I created my first account sometime in 2015 but immediately closed it when I encountered a nervy person who had the audacity to ask me if I would agree to trade her dirty $8.00 Old Navy shoes in exchange for my $2800.00 Dolce & Gabbana dress.  Looking back I realize it was probably a predatory competitor welcoming me and my new account the best way she knew how, with the intent to scare me off in a job well done.   This doesn’t mean ridiculous trade offers don’t happen, it’s just not very common because those who do trade can, for the most part, recognize those of us who are not open to trades and usually stick to themselves.

Speaking of “predatory” I’ll be using that same word with reference to buyers but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I created my second Poshmark account in November 2017 but didn’t actively sell anything until mid to late January 2018.   There’s a lot to learn about Poshmark that I didn’t understand.   It’s not like eBay where you just upload your listing and walk away until it’s sold, there’s so much more involved.  There’s self sharing, sharing from other closets, dressing rooms, news feeds, likes, comments section,  make an offer, the lack of customer support, the lowball offers, the teenagers, and the seasoned sellers who deliberately throw subtle wrenches into your game using techniques they’ve been perfecting since the year 2000.  It’s only now that I realize my blog post about Poshmark will probably be a series and not a single post!  Poshmark is THAT complex.

How did I finally make my first sale?  I clicked on one of my listings and was greeted by a message at the top of the page that said something along the lines of, “Your item hasn’t been shared in more than 4 days”.  After seeing this I clicked the arrow located under my product photos and within minutes I had my first sale.  What a pleasant surprise!!  Sharing on Poshmark is a significant aspect of being successful and that is how I learned.

In my travels on Poshmark I occasionally will see other closets who have “0 shares” at the top of their pages and my reaction is probably the same as everyone else’s was towards my page when I wasn’t sharing.  “I’m not going to share her listings because clearly she won’t be sharing mine” and “I’m not going to comment to her about it because I don’t know this person and I’m not interested in having the dialogue anyway”.  Entering into a dialogue with someone who is new to Poshmark would entail too much typing to a person who has way too many questions that I don’t feel like taking the time to answer and most likely, if she’s anything like me,  she would blow me off because her current stance on Poshmark is, “Why would I share my competitors listings?  That’s stupid!”  Poshmark is a beast all of its own and no other ecommerce site has ever incorporated a social aspect to sales.  To newer Poshmark sellers who already know it all like me, typing helpful comments is not always seen as helpful and can actually start a beef if you are commenting to the wrong newbie.

Do I like sharing?  Not particularly.  It’s not that I don’t like sharing.  It’s that it’s very tedious and if you do it right, it’s time consuming.  Some days, most days, sharing yields no results other than a sore wrist.  Other days it will bring a windfall.  Speaking of sharing I have to end my post here because I signed up for a Share Party which just so happens to be the same time as a Poshmark Party and I don’t want to get a bad reputation for not doing my part.  Everyone on Poshmark knows, “Sharing is Caring”.

I’ll discuss “predatory buying” when I get back 🙂


Rockabilly in a rural town

For close to 35 years I’ve lived in and around Palm Beach and Broward counties (Florida).  For the majority of those years, through all of the boyfriends, apartments, jobs and cars I’ve been through, the one thing that has remained consistent is my personal style.  I have always been a small town Rockabilly girl in a big city where fashion and personal style says just as much about who you are as a person as does the company you keep.

Rockabilly do rag.

One of my favorite accessories is the do rag.  I like it because for most of my life I’ve only had long hair.  I have a big forehead so bangs of some sort have also been a part of my forever look.  The thing about a do rag is you can never have a bad hair day, and in a city of high humidity, that’s pretty cool.  It’s also pretty cool that I don’t have to take a shower and get all gussied up just to run to the convenience store for a pack of cigarettes.  Dirty hair?  Who cares?  I’ll just tie it up, covering my roots and off I go like a fashion plate!

So anyway…  back to the story of my my Rockabilly look!  I’ve recently moved to a very rural, agricultural town where the mjority of the population either works for the Sugarcane industry or for CAT corporation (Caterpillar Inc).

Suffice to say, the do rag doesn’t mean what it did in the big city…  The agricultural community knows my secret!  Do’h!!

In a small, rural agricultural town, a woman wearing a do rag is not sending the same fashion forward signals that it sends in Palm Beach.


In the palm Beaches I had style inspired by history, vintage posters and WWII.   But for my new agricultural neighbors,  they know exactly why I’m wearing my do-rag!  They know my hair is dirty or that I’m having a bad heair day.  While they still get a kick out of it because it’s not worn as commonly as it once was, the do-rag is closer to their roots.
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There’s a great vintage Ralph Lauren Western Wear Rockabilly skirt I would have kept for myself but it’s a size or two too large.  The link above will take you there.

Chanel Tweed & Ecru Coat

I threw this exact same coat in the garbage two weeks ago.


It retails for $8000.00 and repeats itself every 4 to 5 years, meaning, all fashion houses repeat this print pretty much every year but every couple of years one of the larger fashion houses does something to make it a trend again. It never goes out of style.  It will always be a staple.

Why did I throw it away?  I tried for almost two years to give it away on eBay, unfortunately, it sat in my store  long enough for me to get tired of staring at it.

I originally priced it at 599.99 and after two years, just before I junked it, it was $59.99.

I don’t know if the issue is that Devin Wenig is a treasonous prick who is determined to destroy small American businesses on eBay like mine in favor of the Chinese who funnel millions of USD out of the US economy by way of ignorant shoppers who are willing to settle for the knock off versions for $20 less or if the “fashionista” population at large are afraid of resale and consignment?  Do they think it’s more fashionable to buy something from Old Navy because it’s brand new even though they could have obtained a higher quality for the same price?  .. is a combination of all of the above?

When I see this coat on the Chanel website, it makes my stomach churn.  I wish I didn’t throw it away but I can’t regret it because it’s a clear symptom of our moment in time.  Our society is changing.   We’ve become so used to letting go of what is important to us.  and making sacrifices becomes less and less of a let down and more a fact of life.

We have become complacent with life at the bottom of the food chain.


Do You Shop at Clothing Consignments?

When I entered into my 30’s I discovered consignment shops and it was then that I vowed I would never shop retail anymore.  It was a practical decision.   As someone who was jump starting a small business within the realm of fashion, it was important that I looked the part.   Maintaining my ability to dress in the same fashions, trends and designer brands relevant to my clients was an important part of doing business.  This is true for every business, not just the fashion industry.  The impression we leave with our peers in the business setting can make or break our career.

When you are in the market for a new skirt suit for the upcoming meeting that may lead you to the promotion you have worked so hard for, or the ski sweater you will be wearing on your first vacation to Whistler, Canada with your new corporate beau or just the perfect bag to throw over your shoulder when you meet his overly judgemental grandmother for the first time, where do you shop?  She wears Chanel, you can’t afford Chanel.  He wears Valentino but his salary is 20% higher than yours.  Are you going to go to Old Navy?  Saks? Neiman Marcus?

When you make the decision where to shop and what to buy, you are making a statement.  As you convey to your new corporate beau’s Grandmother that you admire her generations’ sensibility and wonderfully crafted products as you place your hand on your vintage alligator Kelly bag (which is also a current fashion statement in 2017), and smile shyly as you are a consignee, you are telling her that you are the perfect, penny wise, fashion forward woman for her grandson.


If you think your peers in the board room don’t know the difference between a single thread suit that will survive enough cleanings to make it through a single season versus a quality suit that will carry you through to the next round of promotions, then maybe you don’t deserve that promotion.   You know how the corporate world works.  Play the game!


Don’t forget to pack the matching shoes and sweater…

When you need assistance putting together the perfect wardrobe on a modest budget, you are always welcome to consult me.  I have 8 years of personal shopping experience to compliment your shopping know-how.

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Lagenlook Styles For Smaller Women

I am 5′ 1″ tall and wear size 6 petite clothing, which is why I will be wearing this Oscar de la Renta sweater dress exactly the way it’s pictured if I don’t end up selling on ebay.  Yes,  it’s a button front dress but throw on a pair of jeans, loose fitting leggings, or a beige ankle length pencil skirt and it’s a maxi cardigan sweater coat!  It doesn’t hurt that it’s the same color as my favorite food, chocolate brown!

I love this dress because I love long cardigan sweaters.  It’s  comfortable and casual yet still offers a sophisticated, clean appearance.  Perfect for dressing down under or dressing up over.  A nice scarf or some clunky jewelry can change the look completely.   The cut makes it versatile enough so why not?   For petite women the Lagenlook can be something of a challenge because it’s easy to look like we’re drowning in our clothes.  I don’t see this as being a challenge with this particular sweater dress.  It’s a size medium – that’s my size!


Click the picture if you’d like to see more photo’s in my eBay listing.  Included are photo’s of what this lovely garment will look like when worn as intended, as a dress.

Oscar de la Renta: Ready to wear

It seems today, the Oscar de la Renta brand is more synonymous with evening and bridal wear. It’s a deviation from his reputation which was established by his ready to wear creations.  At my age I don’t see as much of the deviation because as an older woman I have a tendency to gravitate towards the more classic pieces.   It makes me wonder,  did I miss the mark with this Oscar de la Renta boucle blend sweater? Have women have fallen out of love with his ready to wear designs or do they younger fashionistas know that he was once better known for his more practical clothing designs?   Maybe a little bit of both?


I listed, what I think is an amazing sweater on eBay two weeks ago. I wish I was capable of delivering a more tangible view of the sweaters textures. It’s really very beautiful.  When I look at it in person (as opposed to the photos), I think of a more glamorous time when people were less casual and more preppie.  I think of a high brow ski trip and a warm fire place.  If you remember life and style of the 1980’s then you probably understand my question.   To me, this sweater is a classic and it can out live the passing trends of every decade but as with most classic clothing pieces, there was always an era when it was a trend itself.  That’s what’s so good about preppie fashion though!  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars every season updating your wardrobe.  You only buy accessories or minimal separate pieces and no one will believe this is a vintage sweater.   A pair of classic brown wool pants would be perfect.  That’s what I was thinking when I posted them to eBay (you can find this sweater by clicking the photo).

I took pictures of this sweater with and without a belt.  It’s probably the “80’s lady” in me, with my memories of iconic daily wear of glitz and glam.  Did I miss the mark on this one?

I’m asking because I’ve had it listed on ebay for two weeks.  For the price I’m surprised it hasn’t sold by now.

This Damn Michael Kors bag!!

…will be the death of me if not by heart attack then by mass chocolate binge!


I’ve sold this Michael Kors bag twice already (on ebay).  Both sales ended in nonpayment which is why this time I skipped the auction format and have it listed in the , “Buy it Now” format.   I like that women love this bag enough to flock to the auction ripping each others hair out in a fuzz flying bidding frenzy that ends with someone laying on the floor with smudged lip gloss,   but at some point someone needs to step up to the plate and show these fiesty little girls that the whole crab mentality thing is so yesterday.   Real women have more class as well as follow through.  We’re adults, ladies.  (I hope you enjoyed that visual as much as I did).

Fun Fact:  Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket (also barrel, basket or pot), is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it, neither can you.”

[1] The metaphor refers to a bucket of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.

The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress.

My Michael Kors Bag listing on eBay