Is it Western Wear, Native American dress or just amazing cross culture fashion?

I’m talking about suede and leather jackets.   More specifically, the adornments that make natural leathers so unique and beautiful. This (buckskin jacket below) is another one of my fabulous finds.   It’s so very soft, thin and feels so comforting against the skin.

When I saw it I immediately fell in love it.  It’s the suede tassels and the lighter tone suede trim that makes it special.  Unfortunately it’s just a little bit too small for me so I put it on eBay to try and get some of my money back. I hope it finds a good home! My ebay auction

This was a difficult jacket for me to list.  I’ve grown attached to it for it’s raw and it’s the kind of jacket that can be worn with a pair of jeans and boots during the day and is fashionable enough to carry itself into an evening of casual drinks. It’s a beauty!

I struggled a little bit with the all important keywords.  Without the right keywords, the rightful owner will never find her new jacket!  To me it looks like it may fall into a Women’s Western Wear category but I feel “Western” is too broad of a term and “Pioneer” makes it sound, I dunno,  a little more rough than it actually is and maybe even less expensive than it actually was.  My Cherokee heritage tells me that it’s influence is Native American and that it might be prettier with some Jingles or rhythm beads attached to the fringe.  To say this is a high fashion jacket that would be right at home,  walking down a sidewalk on the back of a svelte fashionista on the upper east side of Manhattan is not unreasonable either.

I think I’ve decided it’s all of the above; Western, Native American and cross cultural.  It’s fabulous, whatever it is!  Don’t you agree?


In my internet search for keywords I came across these suede leather jackets from the f/w 2016-2017 fashion season.  If I had to choose just one I don’t think I could.  I’d like one of each.  Maybe the longer one for my fat days and the shorter one for flat tummy days.