Vintage Designer Dresses & Louis Vuitton

It’s been a while since I listed an estate or thrift find for sale on an e-commerce site.  I don’t know why but I recently got the bug again.  I guess it’s because when I’m within 10 miles of a grab, I can’t pass it by.  I have to stop.  It’s like a playground for me.  There’s just so much to explore in other peoples lives and I find it fascinating.  The one thing that always remains consistent is that we are all basically the same, we only view situations through a different set of eyes.

Here’s what my eyes found this week:

Size 8 vintage Giorgio Armani wiggle / pencil dress.  I put a rose on the floor to add a splash of color to my Poshmark  photo’s.  I seem to have found a lot of dark colored fashions this time around.  I think the red compliments it nicely, as would a pair of red shoes.  Clicking the photo will take you directly to the listing.  It opens in a new window.


Size 6 vintage Moschino button front dress.  The buttons are really cute.  Some of them say, “chic” and the others are hearts.  Perfect dress for a day at the office and still very much in style.  Clicking the photo will open a new window to the Poshmark listing.


I love this one, not because it’s a Louis Vuitton Monogram but because I love to write and it is a very rare, vintage writing folder.  It came with a pad of Louis Vuitton monogram paper which more than likely has absorbed vintage odors over the years but it’s not the paper that makes the folder now is it!  It has a three digit date code representing February 1988.  It’s officially 30 years old this month!  Clicking the folder will open up a new window and bring you to the Poshmark listing.  You should know that I also have it listed on eBay (blue link) for $100 less.  price is based on the fee structure of the different sites.


Have you found anything great, fun, awe inspiring lately?


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This is a re-post for anyone who may have missed it over the weekend.