75% sale on all Nordstrom brands (repost)

(Screenshot) Presidents day sale…You NEED to take advantage of these prices!
This is a re-post for anyone who may have missed it over the weekend.


St. John Knits – A Classic

This is actually a vintage St. John Knit dress in black “santana” knit. You can’t tell by looking at it. It’s sort of like a Chanel or Gucci, always in style. This was one of my finds today. Funny how I say that I am more versed in contemporary fashion yet here I am with three highly desirable vintage pieces today. One of my finds was actually a vintage German Schatz 8 day clock. So, my final tally for the day was a Bally top handle bag, a vintage St John and a great clock. It was a fun day!

There were two current St John tops that I passed by.  I’m not sure why but St. John just doesn’t do well alone anymore.  If it doesn’t come with a jacket, a skirt or pants then I won’t bother.  I used to sell them as separates but with the eBay buying population it just doesn’t fly anymore.

Bidding starts at $22.22..  link and info below the photo.


Kirstenraye’s eBay Autions

$22.22 Fine Designer Clothing Sale

I don’t have a lot of extra time today so I’m going to make this a non-article post and keep it short and sweet!

I’ve decided to get rid of the eBay Buy it Now format on a trial basis and will be listing my designer fashion in auction format with an opening bid of $22.22. I’m pretty sure the majority of what I list will sell at opening bid and I am OK with that.  It’s an experiment in patience for me as I don’t have an extensive client list yet.  Maybe this same time next year will be different, or at least I hope it will be.  I’m really struggling and really can’t afford the lack of profit but I’m also aware that it’s a part of doing business.  You win some, you lose some.

Today I have listed a Valentino skirt suit, damaged Tory Burch shoes, St. John Knits and Oscar de la Renta.  There isn’t much there, only 9 listings.  More will be added by Friday.

KirstenRaye $22.22 auctions

I learned about fashion in a most unconventional way. Part I

My name is Kirsten Raye and I learned about fashion when I learned to become an eBay seller.   As unconventional as that seems, I am thankful for the experience because it’s been the most practical decision I have ever made as an adult.   It saved my life.

I’m not going to say that it hasn’t been tough because it has, but what I can tell you is that selling brown suede Chanel shoes, Burberry Nova Check sunglass cases, vintage alligator Kelly bags, and silk Leopard print St. John dresses (and St. John Knits) has been much easier than the alternative.  People like me don’t have many of those.

If you subscribe to my blog I will share the rest of my story with you.

I’ve been an eBay clothing seller since the summer of 2001.  I have a couple of different selling accounts because I like to be consistent with the types of items I list.  Here is my fashion selling account

You can look. Really! Come on in and browse, send me a note of “hello” and tell me what you think of my blog, my auctions, my outspoken opinions… be friendly 🙂

I found this outfit at a thrift store

Fox fur knit skirt suit

Lets bypass the whole “OMG she shops at a thrift store” stigma thing.

This is an amazing outfit!

I always love it when I Google vintage clothing finds and am able to come up with a match.   I just wish I could remember where I found this 1970’s Vogue Magazine ad for JanE so I could give proper credit.

It’s a wool and rayon raya knit skirt suit.   When I first saw the knit cardigan jacket I thought it might be a vintage St. John Knits but then I found the JanE tag.  All three pieces were found separately.   The cardigan jacket was on a running rack just being wheeled out from the stock room.  The skirt was buried on the other side of the store in a massive jungle of pants, skirts and books and the shell top was in the middle of a dress rack.

After Ooohing and Ahhing at the amazingly healthy fox fur collar prior to finding the matching skirt and top,  I was ready to make my purchase and go home without ever knowing there were two other pieces.  I was so taken by that fur.   SO plush and so beautiful that my attention was nowhere else.  I don’t know why I stayed in the store after believing I was done shopping.    I would have been happy to leave the store with my fabulous find right then and there but  I am so glad I stayed.  The funny thing about it is after having found all three pieces I still didn’t realize that I had a three piece set.  It wasn’t until after I made my way to the windowed area to check for flaws did I realize that I had three separate pieces that actually belonged together…  even then I debated with myself whether or not I only wanted to buy the cardigan sweater, or if I should take the set and list it on eBay.  It wasn’t until I got it home and put it on the mannequin did I realize what a gem I’d found.

Considering how much less experienced with vintage clothing than I am with contemporary fashion and couture brands, some may call it luck, but in all honesty I’m absolutely shocked by my blissful ignorance that day.

I did sell it on auction via eBay.  It didn’t fetch the price I expected but it fetched its worth and all is well.  I do wonder if an experienced vintage vendor on a site like Etsy may have been able to find a more rich home for it though.