Rockabilly in a rural town

For close to 35 years I’ve lived in and around Palm Beach and Broward counties (Florida).  For the majority of those years, through all of the boyfriends, apartments, jobs and cars I’ve been through, the one thing that has remained consistent is my personal style.  I have always been a small town Rockabilly girl in a big city where fashion and personal style says just as much about who you are as a person as does the company you keep.

Rockabilly do rag.

One of my favorite accessories is the do rag.  I like it because for most of my life I’ve only had long hair.  I have a big forehead so bangs of some sort have also been a part of my forever look.  The thing about a do rag is you can never have a bad hair day, and in a city of high humidity, that’s pretty cool.  It’s also pretty cool that I don’t have to take a shower and get all gussied up just to run to the convenience store for a pack of cigarettes.  Dirty hair?  Who cares?  I’ll just tie it up, covering my roots and off I go like a fashion plate!

So anyway…

….. my new rural farming town….

…. the do rag doesn’t mean what it did in the big city….

They know my secrets!


In a small, rural farming town, a woman wearing a do rag is not sending  fashion forward signals and it says nothing about her sense of style.

My rural townies think I must be a seamstress…   I suppose I am, I mean,  I do sew some of the clothing I sell on eBay.

My rural townies think I must be a meat packer…  lets not go there (haha).

My rural townies think I must work in the cane fields…  pftt a day in the sun?  But my skin!!  How does someone whose skin is as flawless as mine survive the hot sun burning the hydration out of their skin cells?

My rural townies know when my hair is dirty.
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